About Us ...

        Ertan flour Mills has been founded in 1993 to manufacture wheat flour. Our company considers the unconditional satisfaction of the customers as its first principal. We have the latest technology to manufacture flours untouched by hands as a part of our total quality understanding. We believe that the manufacturers must have responsibility for the human health,  there fore we keep eye on our the R&D department and Test Lanoratories continuously and develop these departments day by day with the newest technologies.


       Our Mill is located in Çorlu which has a magnificient location for all purposes. Çorlu is very near to Istanbul the biggest, most developed city and business center of Turkey; which gives us the chance of be strong in the domestic market. And for the overseas markets, Çorlu is very near to two main ports, easy access to major highways and railways.


       We serve to the leading wholesalers and retailers which has good distribution channels to supply bakery products to their customers. Our brand 'Çorlu Flour' has very good repıtation from our sellers for our high quality and various types of flours to match different demands of different customers. In addition to out domestic sales we are currently exporting our products to Middle East, Africa and Far East.